Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mr. my Yesterday...

Hello Mr. my Yesterday, please say to me:

“We’ll meet again the instant your dream is fulfilled”

Behind me lies road I’ve passed with regrets

Experiences and values, a halfway dream – it’s a one way road, but the result is..

Ever since I lost my balance between hope and depression, I don’t know how long it’s been

But I have nothing to proud of, and now I can’t figure out

Neither the place I should return to nor the reason to stay for tomorrow..

Hello Mr. my Yesterday, use your time machine

I’d like to ask the me from me from the past, who always spoke of dreams:

“In those eyes of yours, do you see me from tomorrow?”


bellabelon said...

Mar.jom masuk contest? tgk blog kte heee

humairah said...

mar.. kite tag awak jugakk.. hehe~

Mar said...

wawa.. semangat korang. hehe.. tak pe la. tak de gamba best la~ korang menang nnt hbaq tau!

Sarhanah Rosli said...


bru tahu awk ade blog..huhu

Mar said...

haha.. baru mula sket2 je sara~
rindu awak..

haruna said...